Meet Our Coaches

doreen headshot.jpg
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, MSPT, INHC

Doreen is a holistic physical therapist and integrative health coach and has a passion for helping others think, feel and perform at their best.


As an IronMan athlete she knows the importance of taking care of yourself, the interconnectedness of body and mind, and believes that our bodies are incredible machines and an amazing gift from God. She works to guide, counsel, and come alongside others, providing tools and encouragement to finally break free of the roadblocks holding you back. Areas Doreen is particularly passionate about include managing stress and mindfulness, movement, quick and easy food options for busy families, healthy habit formation and helping to uncover the why and remove the roadblocks holding you back so that you may live your best life.


When she is not out trying to change the world, Doreen enjoys spending time in nature, exercising with her friends, and spending quality time with her husband and four kids.


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Integrative Nutrition & Functional Medicine Health Coach

Lisa Kamont is a Certified International Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with a special focus on Applied Functional Medicine health coaching. She works to empower clients to put together the confusing puzzle pieces of chronic health dynamics in order to support them on their unique path to healing. 


As someone who has battled her own chronic autoimmunity, Lisa knows first-hand the tenacity, education and encouragement that is needed on a journey to reclaim your health. Her personal and professional training has allowed her to gain a wide perspective of holistic health in order to support others on the path that is right for them.  Areas Lisa is particularly passionate about include gut health, hormone and thyroid health, toxicity, autoimmunity, food sensitivities and how each of these relate to one another.  She has a deep passion for understanding the interconnectedness of the body and has seen how taking the reigns for our health can lead to major transformations. 


When she is not researching and studying, Lisa finds any opportunity to spend time with friends, exercise, and be with her husband and two boys.  


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