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The bill that we were trying for, which protected us the most, did not pass the committee, however Bill 572 has a higher chance of passing. Bill 572 is stripped down to only preventing the vaccine from being mandated by the government.  On some level, we have to celebrate this however we are not finished and we need to keep writing and calling. The concern is that it does not protect us from mob rule in that private businesses may require it.

We support anyone wanting the vaccine or wanting to wear a mask but we do not support mandates due to the controversial science behind both. I personally recommend that we stand firm against businesses that continue to mandate the mask beyond the Governor's mandates and when COVID numbers are low. We should not buy from those businesses as if they are strict with the mask now, they will likely require proof of vaccination in the future. We have strength in numbers to maintain our bodily autonomy and we do not need Uncle Joe at the hardware store deciding that you need your vaccine to enter his business when he doesn't know your medical history. The FDA is expected to give full approval soon, years ahead of any other vaccine, which means they are likely to require it for students. They are already giving it at the schools. 

Let's support bodily autonomy and not fear based propaganda. I highly recommend you read "Unreported Truths about COVID 19 and Lockdowns" parts 1-5  (about death counts, lockdowns, masks and vaccines) by Alex Berenson. These are short informative reads detailing data since last year that you may not have heard about and you need to know. Don't be coerced into getting a vaccine. Do your research to know your risk.

We support efforts for people who choose to vaccinate but we recognize that some are unable to receive them and others have philosophical or religious reasons to oppose vaccination. “Freedom” that requires a liability free medical procedure to be free is not freedom at all. 

There are concerns about the COVID 19 Vaccine being mandatory, to the degree that you have to show vaccine proof to shop/visit businesses. This is not constitutional and goes against our rights and freedoms.

How You Can Help

Contact your legislators with information that supports your concerns. The following stats and info can help you with contacting state leaders.

  • Risk of death in children from COVID is one in a million per the CDC and they are not super-spreaders like they thought initially. We also know from the science that people with a BMI over 35, underling illness/disease and over age 65 are the most vulnerable for adverse effects from COVID-19.

  • VAERS has almost 16000 reported deaths since December which is more than the last 15 years combined with all vaccines! There are approx. 70,000 total COVID vaccine reported hospitalizations and 750,000 adverse events from the COVID vaccine. 

  • The FDA, CDC and Harvard studies show that only 1-10% of adverse events are reported to VAERS.

  • For those under 65, the risk of death is very small and gets smaller the younger you are. We also know that people with a BMI over 35 or has an underling illness/disease are more susceptible to have more severe symptoms from COVID. Let's protect and target people over 65 and those with comorbidities.

  • The vaccine does not decrease transmission and reports of "breakthrough" infections are piling up, not to mention hospitalizations and death from COVID in fully vaccinated patients.

  • The Vaccine makers are liability free (you can't sue them) and Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson has paid 10's of billions in fines for fraud.

  • We have thousands of doctors across the country having great success using various protocols so the vaccine is not the only choice: These doctors need to be protected as the main goal is to keep people out of the hospital and dying. Using successful innovative treatments and supplements to treat COVID should be valid and pushed as a solution besides just the vaccine.

  • The science has proven that people who have had COVID have as much if not better immunity than the vaccine to contract it again. As we've seen that those vaccinated have continued to get COVID. Many people compare a mandate of the COVID vaccine to the mandate of Chickenpox and Measles vaccines. However, those vaccines are recognized by the CDC that they should only be administered to ages over 13 who have NOT had the disease. 

Governor Roy Cooper

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20301 Mail Service Center
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Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson


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Senator Richard Burr

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217 Russell Senate Office Building
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Senator Thom Tillis

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310 New Bern Avenue, Suite 122

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House Speaker - Tim Moore


16 West Jones Street, Rm. 2304

Raleigh, NC 27601-1096

Please take a look at the list of House members for your county to send emails, calls or postal mail to these individuals.

If you wish to contact all of them by all means do so.

When contacting please be respectful as I know you will. Do not threaten or insult anyone. We need to be taken seriously to be heard, and to be effective in a very short time.

Time is of the essence.

Please share this with everyone!

Once freedom is lost, it is almost impossible to regain.


DISCLAIMER:  Per the FDA, nothing can cure, mitigate, prevent, or treat the coronavirus so we have to just focus on supporting the immune system. The FDA says only a future vaccine and anti-virals can be considered legitimate but nothing natural. I have seen a lot of great articles with various herbals and vitamins to take that can support the immune system but here are my favorites but not an exhaustive list. Consult with your doctor related to Coronavirus treatments as this is not intended to treat anyone.