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Parasite Cleanse

Please consult with your healthcare provider before using this Parasite Cleanse. If you are not a member with one of our providers, please see a holistic trained provider for this type of treatment.

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Parasite Cleanse Protocol

There are numerous parasite cleanse protocols available, including herbal remedies, dietary changes, and over-the-counter supplements.


Use ONE of these supplement bundles for your Parasite Cleanse:

Designs For Health Parasite Cleanse Supplement Bundle

FullScript Parasite Cleanse Supplement Bundle


  1. Do one bottle’s worth (which is about a month)

  2. Then 2 week break

  3. Then repeat one more month


Consider doing this one month per year after the initial cleanse. 

Diatomaceous Earth - 1 tsp twice daily in food. Don’t inhale the silica particles into your lungs!

For your Pets:

Put this in your animal’s food daily to help with their parasites.

  • GI Micro-X – One capsule twice daily

  • Charcoal plus binder- one capsule daily not with other supplements

  • LV-GB complex- 3 capsules daily

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