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Direct Primary Care - Benefits

Direct Primary Care is an innovative and growing movement supported by the American Academy of Family Medicine. It follows an affordable monthly fee based model with a holistic approach. Its focus is on keeping you well. 

Our goal is to provide thorough care for our patients in an efficient way. With a personalized, holistic approach, you will need to see us less often because you maintain wellness!

The Many Benefits of Direct Primary Care:

  • No co-pays or deductibles

  • Direct and quick communication with YOUR doctor

  • Convenient same-day or next-day appointments

  • You’ll always see your personal doctor - no need to change if you change jobs

  • Home or on-site visits when appropriate

  • ​Guidance & care coordination in the event you need specialty referrals or hospital stays

  • When necessary we offer services to those that are homebound

  • Fewer visits to urgent care, emergency department visits and hospitalization

  • Discounts on in-house programs and packages

  • 10% off supplements (Some brands are excluded - check with your provider)


Check out the FAQs if you have additional questions.


What if I have a chronic illness?


If you have a chronic illness as opposed to seeking a Primary Care Physician, take a look at our Wellness Packages. These programs can get you healthy with a functional medicine approach treating the root cause of illness. These programs are also used by DPC patients who have been well but then happen upon an illness. Once the DPC patient completes a program they can return to regular DPC. The wellness packages are separate from DPC and have their own fees based upon the level of customized research and treatment. 

Give us a call​ to determine which path is best for you.
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