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Benton's Improve Energy & Fatigue
(All Virtual) 6-Week Bootcamp


Non-members $397

Connect The Dots

Gain More Energy

Take Back Control

Reduce Fatigue

To Restore Energy,
you need to connect the dots

Most of us are exhausted and struggle to gain and keep energy because...

You are unsure why you are so tired

What you've tried doesn't work

You have little energy to start with

Your time & attention is in high demand

You have information overload

You don't know where to start

When you narrow down the cause of your fatigue using a Functional Medicine lens with step-by-step instructions, you empower yourself to take control over your energy.

Restore your energy with Benton's Improve Energy & Fatigue Bootcamp.

How can Functional Nutrition help improve energy & fatigue?

Non-members $397

What you get in the Improve Energy & Fatigue Bootcamp

This bootcamp helps you identify what's causing your fatigue and shows you how to restore your energy.

6 Weeklly Trainings Icon

6 Weekly Trainings

Teach you how to reconize and address
your own cause of fatigue. Videos will be
recorded and available after each training.

6 Weekly Live QA Icon

6 Weekly Live Q&A Calls

Your questions are answered after each weekly training session to support and empower you. Recording of Q&A will be shared afterwards.

Lab Panels Icon

4 Labs Panels

4 lab tests are included in the bootcamp: Thyroid, Fasting Insulin, Metabolic, and Complete Blood Count (CBC) with Differential Panels.

Self Assessment Icon


Gives you insights into where to start and provide helps setting achievable goals.

Workbook Icon


You’ll recieve a complete workbook that allows you to follow along and take notes during each lesson.

Step By Step Guidelines Icon

Step-by-Step Guidance

Benton’s Funtional Nutritionist and Health Coach will teach you how to easily navigate information and implementation.

This 6-week bootcamp helps you connect the dots and narrow down what may be

causing your fatigue through an influencing factors self-assessment and individual labs. You’ll learn how to use your self-assessment and lab work to better understand fatigue through a functional medicine lens. Once you’ve narrowed down your causes, we will provide the functional medicine approach to bring back your energy by teaching you how to set unique goals and providing short weekly online trainings lead by our Functional Nutritionist. This comprehensive bootcamp with step-by-step instructions guides you through implementing the right changes for taking back control over your health.

What You Get For the Price

  • $200+ in labs are included

  • $400 of training from our Functional Nutritionist Lisa

  • $100 Self Assessment Complete Workbook

  • $50 Health Trackers

That's a TOTAL of $750

You are getting this program for 

$297 (DPC Member)

$397 (Non Member)


What you can expect from the Improve Energy & Fatigue Bootcamp

* All Virtual Program *

MARCH 1st - APRIL 5th

Wednesdays at 9am

  • Trainings released and played online each Wed at 9am.

  • Live Q&A Zoom immediately after the session at 9:45am.

  • Full recordings will be available on-demand.

Non-members for $397

Hurry! the Last day to Sign Up is Feb 28th!

Lisa Kamont

Meet Lisa

Hey Everyone! I’m thrilled for this opportunity to help you get your energy back. I know when I’d struggled it can be so hard to know what information to trust and frankly even know where to start since we are all different and unique.

I’m here to teach you want I’ve learned over my 10 years in Functional Nutrition and Health Coaching to empower you to take back control and recapture that energy you’ve lost.

Let’s do this!

What patients say about working with Lisa ...

"I was able to learn so much about my health! Once Lisa started to guide me on how to improve my choices in food and lifestyle, my body has seen a major improvement. I also was able to see it on my lab tests. It showed how well my body is healing compared to the first day I decided to work with her. I appreciate that Lisa was very friendly and professional in every way. I could tell from her calls and messages that she honestly wanted to help me improve my health. She was very patient with me in all my questions and it was always very comforting to know that."
- Raquel

Can't Wait To See You There!

Non-members $397


  • This program is for informational purposes only and not considered medical advice

  • You must be 18 years or older to sign up or attend this program.

  • Labs are only drawn once for this program for informational purposes.

  • If you are NOT a Direct Primary Care member of Benton Integrative, but live in NC, SC, IN, NM, CA, FL or VA you are still eligible for receiving the included labs. You will need to sign up with Quest Diagnostics or pay a $30 fee with Lab Corp to get your labs. Participants outside of those states will not be eligible to receive the program labs but are welcome to request the labs from their own Primary Care Physician if they choose in order to fully take advantage of the program's education. 

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