Musculoskeletal Treatment

Do you have musculoskeletal pain such as tendinitis, morton’s neuroma,  or plantar fasciitis? There is help for you and we can provide that help with Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology (EPAT) and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments. Below are our prices for this service and what you can expect.

1 Joint = $750 (non-member)
$500 (DPC Member)

2 Joint = $1200 (non-member)
                $900 (DPC Member)
*EPAT = $75
*Amdrop = $1200
*Exosomes = $2999
Kenalog Injection w/Lidocaine = $360

$20 charge for DPC Members

* DPC members get 10% off of EPAT, Amdrop and Exosomes services. The 10% discount cannot be combined with any other discount such as military.

What is Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology EPAT®?

  • Safe, effective, non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment method for various musculoskeletal disorders.
  • This advanced technology uses unique pressure waves to enhance blood flow and circulation allowing regeneration and eventual healing to the damaged tissue being treated.
  • Can drastically improve the current condition of both acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Is EPAT® safe?

Yes, EPAT® is safe and is FDA approved. Because it is non-invasive there are no risks of infection, scarring, adverse anesthesia effects, and no downtime. Meaning, safe effective treatment that produces faster and easier healing.

Expected Results & Duration of Treatment

  • Benefits of EPAT® are often experienced only after a few treatments. Some patients report significant reduction in pain after their first session. Average time for pain relief is around 4 weeks. A full 12 weeks is recommended to experience full benefits as complete regeneration of damaged cells does not occur immediately.
  • Results have been fantastic. Over 80% of patients using EPAT® have reported restoration of mobility and/or elimination of pain.
  • Typical duration of treatment can range from 5-15 minutes and done every 5-7 days. Three sessions are generally recommended but some individuals may require additional sessions depending on their condition.

How is treatment performed and what are the side effects?

  • A coupling gel is applied to the area being treated to help to enhance the effectiveness of the pressure waves delivered by EPAT®. The EPAT® applicator is then applied to the site being treated and moved in a circular fashion.
  • The best part is there are virtually no side effects! Some patients may experience a slight discomfort which may continue for a few days after treatment.

What is AmDrop (how it works and how it helps)?

Pure, stable, ambient AmDrop™ is minimally manipulated Amnion Fluid, and after terminal sterilization, contains no live stem cells. It is derived from planned C-Sections.

AmDrop™ relies on the regenerative proteins (growth factors and cytokines) in our product to signal a patients indigenous progenitor cells (adult stem cells) to repair, replace and replenish damaged soft tissue.

It is not lyophilized, not cryopreserved and is delivered at room temperature with a 2 year shelf life containing the properties listed below in the attachments.

Stem cells are generally counted in autologous tissue such as adipose tissue and bone marrow.

We purposely terminally sterilize our product to provide our customers an ambient, shelf stable and safe product. This helps to minimize opportunities for bacteria growth in our product.

All products in our space and manufactured under FDA Regulation 361, start with similar ranges of live stem cells (30-50 million).

AmDrop™ is the exact same Amniotic Fluid Technology that is being sold to the orthopedic and spine space….as well as the neuro space at much higher price points.

Please see our protein profile on our technology tab ( for further information.

AmDrop™ is currently successfully being used by clinicians in virtually every State in the US.