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At Benton Integrative Medicine we have 2 main offerings of care:

  • Direct Primary Care (DPC) Membership based health care using traditional and holistic approaches for primary care.

  • Wellness Programs Uses functional medicine customized to treat the root cause of a chronic illness.


We also provide many ancillary services to support or enhance your health journey. Take a look under What We Do for a list of those additional services, such as: Sauna, Lifestyle Health Coaching, Men's Health, Thermograms and IV Nutrition just to name a few. 

Be sure to check out our Resources section from the Main Menu for Blogs, Self Care, FAQs, Patient Policies and More!

Direct Primary Care (DPC)

Need more information about Direct Primary Care? Learn more about DPC by clicking the following links.

Are you ready to join Benton Integrative Medicine Direct Primary Care (DPC)?
You can join now by clicking the button below or give us a call 704-775-6029 to join.

*** We are not accepting new patients but you may click the button to get on the waiting list.

Wellness Programs (Functional Medicine)

Our Wellness Programs use functional medicine to get to the root of your illness. The cost of these programs are separate from DPC and normally last 6 to 12 months. Our Optimal Wellness 12 month program does include basic primary care needs throughout the duration of the program. Give us a call 704-775-6029 to set up a consultation.

Interested In Wellness Programs? Learn more about our Wellness Programs.

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