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Partner Services Available in Our Office

As promised, we want to provide additional services that will assist you on your journey to wellness. Below you will find a list of upcoming ancillary treatments offered by our partners in our office for your convenience. Be sure to check this schedule regularly! Subscribe to our mailing list to get emails about treatments.

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Thermograms with
The Charlotte Thermography Center


Call us at 704-775-6029 to make your appointment for Thermograms.

This is a non-invasive service that can be in addition to a mammogram.

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Breast Cancer Ultrasound Screening


Offered by HerScan but performed at our Huntersville office.

Ultrasound increases detection rates of breast cancer from approximately 48% to 97%, particularly in women with dense breasts!

Painless, No Radiation, Implant Safe, Radiologist Read, No Prescription Required, Take 15-20 Minutes, Fast Results.


Thermogram Scan with
Thermography Lymphatic Center

Call or Visit Website to Make Appointments

Call (828) 461-4545 or book your appointment online with Thermography Lymphatic Center - Julie Jetzer. Julie has space within BIM Huntersville office for thermography scans and additional services. Check out her website.

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