Direct Primary Care - Services and Insurance

Services Included with DPC
  • Annual physical (wellness) exams, including pap smears and one per year PSA. Additional PSA's are $10.00.

  • Sick visits (ie. upper respiratory, cough, rashes, minor injuries)

  • Home visits for home bound patients are subject to availability and may incur a nominal fee for distances over 5 miles from the office.

  • In office testing: mono, urinalysis, strep, blood glucose, and many more

  • Stitches (at physician’s discretion)

  • Abscess Incision and Drainage

  • Coordination with Specialists for referrals. 

  • Access to the doctor via e-mail, skype, texting, and phone 24/7 for urgent needs but non -urgent needs to be managed during office hours. 

  • Basic labs for cash pay patients to include TSH, CMP, lipids, hemoglobin A1C, CBC, urine microalbumin. Insurance will be billed for insured patients through the laboratory service. Further labs will be available for cash patients as well and possibly with a discount depending on the labs. 

Additional Labs  and Services Pricing

CBC - $10.00

CMP - $18.20

Flu Test - $25.00

H Pylori - $12.00

Hemoglobin A1c - $10.00

Lipid Panel - $10.00

Advanced LipProfile - $70.00

Free T3 - $10.00

Reverse T3 - $37.30

Free T4 - $10.00

Urine Analysis - $5.00

Vitamin B12 Lab - $10.00

Vitamin D Lab - $22.00

Vitamin B12 Injection - $25.00

Monospot - $20.00

PSA - $10.00

Strep Test - $10.00

Thyroid Antibodies - $28.00

TSH - $10.00


Under this model, we do not bill insurance, which means we can work directly for you, not the insurance company or corporations. That means there is no need for co-pays or deductibles for your primary care and you won't get any surprise bills from our office. You pay, instead, an affordable, flat monthly fee directly to us for the care and services provided, even if you have multiple medical issues. For those with no insurance or high deductible health plans, you may even save money!

Insurance is required to be compliant with the Affordable Healthcare Act. You may use your insurance to pay for visits to specialists, the ER, hospital stays, X-rays, and extended labs not covered under membership. You may use any insurance or choose catastrophic coverage.

BIM supplies specific primary care services and membership makes those services available to you for a single low monthly fee.  BIM does not contract with any insurance organizations and care received at BIM does not go towards insurance deductibles.  All patients are responsible for inquiring with their insurance or cost sharing organizations on the possibility of coverage & managing their billing process.  BIM will not bill any organization for care provided.  Dr. Benton has opted out with Medicare and Medicaid which stipulates that Medicare and Medicaid covered members cannot attempt to obtain insurance reimbursement for BIM services as well.  Health Spending Accounts (HSA) may cover certain medical expenses provided so we encourage you to check with your HSA organization on coverage possibilities.


Please note that because the membership program is not a comprehensive health insurance and only supplies specific primary care services, you may want to consider purchasing health insurance to cover catastrophic medical expenses that may incur outside of this practice scope and to meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act to avoid paying a penalty. A popular one that many people have found reliable is Samaritans.

We accept CareCredit for services Wellness Packages but NOT for Direct Primary Care. We also accept CareCredit for aesthetic services at the Medical Spa. You can setup your account at