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Meet Our Team

We are fortunate to have an awesome team at Benton Integrative Medicine of providers, practitioners and health coaches for Direct Primary Care and Functional Medicine. Both in person and virtual visits are available. Our team works hard to help others fulfill their journey to overall wellness.

We are ready to guide you on your wellness journey!

Ryan Redd, FNP-C

Direct Primary Care

I have been living in North Carolina for the several years and love it here! Prior to moving south, I lived in Ohio where I attended the University of Toledo and earned my Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2013. I loved bedside nursing but knew I wanted to further my education. In December 2016, I graduated from Simmons College with my Master of Science in Nursing and now a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Improving the health and lives of others is my passion! 

I enjoy spending my free time with my wife and our two golden retrievers. I am a very active person and enjoy working out, hiking, skiing, golfing, and just about anything sports related. 

My goal as a provider is to put every patient in the driver's seat of their own healthcare. Working together in collaboration and as a team is the key to OUR success!


Mariela Busheva, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Direct Primary Care

Fun Facts:

I started ballroom dancing at age 7. My natural talents and love of dance, not to mention the thousands of hours of practice, my competitive nature, and the dedication to be the best of what I do, allowed me to quickly rise in the ranks of the Ballroom Dance Competitive World in Bulgaria. As a professional ballroom dancer and a coach I along with my dance partner opened our first dance studio and fitness center in 2005.

I arrived in Columbus, Ohio USA in 2001 from my native country of Bulgaria. I did not know a soul or have a command of the English Language. Like many immigrants that grace America's shores, the opportunity to live, work and prosper here were too great to pass up. Today, I am proud to say I am an American citizen.

I earned my first bachelor’s degree in Ecology with a minor in Foreign Trade and Economics before coming to the US. However, my heart has always longed to help, care and promote health for others. This was a deciding factor to go back to school and pursue my passion. I  graduated from Queens University of Charlotte in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I went on to graduate with my Master of Science in Nursing in 2017 and became a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner.

In the last 4 years I have worked as a hospitalist/internal medicine provider. I am very grateful for that opportunity which has brought me much professional growth.

When I discovered the vision and passion of Benton Integrative Medicine, I knew I wanted to become part of the team. I love that BIM uses the holistic approach along with traditional medicines (if needed) as well as functional medicine to care for their patients.

I believe that creating a partnership with the patient is very important, as this relationship can be therapeutic and empower the patient. I look forward to educating, inspiring, motivating and coaching my patients to help them achieve their  desired results and promote good health.


In my spare time, I enjoy creating memories through adventures and experiences with the love of my life, my 4-year-old daughter. I also enjoy traveling and exploring different cultures with family.


Kate Thompson, FNP-C

Direct Primary Care

I began my nursing career in 2009 after graduating with my Bachelor’s in Science and Nursing from Capital University in Bexley, Ohio. For thirteen years, I had the privilege to care for pediatric and adult patients in emergency departments, trauma centers, and urgent care in Ohio, North Carolina, Texas, and California. In January of 2023 I fulfilled a lifelong goal graduating from Spring Arbor University with my Master’s in Science and Nursing and earned my National Board Certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner.


My family and I moved to Charlotte a few years ago and fell in love with the area and people! We have since welcomed two more additions to our family and have a total of four, sweet little boys to complete our family. We love any kind of outdoor adventure, exploring, and enjoying our God’s miraculous natural wonders- great and small.

I truly consider it both an honor and privilege to join Dr. Benton and the rest of the team here at Benton Integrative Medicine. I am excited to grow as a provider, and expand my knowledge of homeopathy and functional medicine. It is my goal to provide patients with a level of quality, holistic care which exceeds expectations. I believe each individual possesses a unique history which impacts both physical and psychological health. In my experience, some patients desire a conventional, modern medicine approach, some desire fully natural remedies, and some like a mixture. Whichever your preference, (or if you’re unsure), I am here to support and guide you in making fully informed decisions to improve your health and wellness!


Lisa Kamont, AFMC, INHC, MS

Functional Medicine and Integrative Nutrition Practitioner

Lisa Kamont is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and International Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She works to empower clients to put together the confusing puzzle pieces of chronic health dynamics in order to support them on their unique path to healing. Clients who may be struggling with their health often feel at their wits end and are unsure where to turn to find the true root cause of their health concerns. As a Functional Health Practitioner, Lisa is a highly dedicated partner to her clients so that they may be empowered to put strategies in place to reach their health goals.


After completing her BA in Human Resources from Michigan State University and Masters in Psychology from Walden University, Lisa’s personal and professional life took a turn toward holistic health.  She has experienced drastic personal health transformations and seeks to empower others to do the same. Lisa is certified with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the School for Applied Functional Medicine, and continues her in depth exploration of functional medicine with the Academy of Functional Wellness.   


When she is not researching and studying, Lisa finds any opportunity to spend time with friends, exercise, and be with her husband and two boys.  


Would you like to start to put the puzzle pieces together of your unique health story? Join Lisa in the Functional Medicine program with Benton Integrative and start to take the reigns for your health! 


Doreen McCormick, MSPT, INHC

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
doreen headshot.jpg

Doreen is a holistic physical therapist and integrative health coach and has a passion for helping others think, feel and perform at their best.


As an IronMan athlete she knows the importance of taking care of yourself, the interconnectedness of body and mind, and believes that our bodies are incredible machines and an amazing gift from God. She works to guide, counsel, and come alongside others, providing tools and encouragement to finally break free of the roadblocks holding you back. Areas Doreen is particularly passionate about include managing stress and mindfulness, movement, quick and easy food options for busy families, healthy habit formation and helping to uncover the why and remove the roadblocks holding you back so that you may live your best life.


When she is not out trying to change the world, Doreen enjoys spending time in nature, exercising with her friends, and spending quality time with her husband and four kids.


Are you ready to Thrive?  Give us a call today and schedule a session with Doreen



Clinical Coordinator

I am a North Carolina native, Lincolnton to be exact. I have worked in the medical field for 13 years as a phlebotomist, EKG Technician, and CMA. In all my experience in the medical field I felt out of place as I saw health