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Wellness & Healing

Ready to advance your health and life?

The following programs provide you a partnership and guidance to identify and prioritize diet, lifestyle and environment factors to reach and sustain your unique health goals. Programs range from a one-time coaching call to in depth multiple session programs, you choose what will best support you toward more optimal health. Whether you are in good health and would like some overall support or are struggling with athletic performance, weight loss, or chronic health concerns, we can help!

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Insurance Questions

  • Does insurance cover functional medicine?
    In selection of laboratory testing, we do try to select labs that may be covered by your insurance when possible but are not always able to do so. Again, consider this an investment of your health. If a “covered” test does not provide the information necessary to help us get to the root cause of your issues, we will not waste your time or money as it defeats the purpose of the program. Remember that the purpose of this program is to get you to optimal health and you are seeking or services based on the fact that the current system is not achieving this. Wellness and healing programs are not generally covered by insurance. We do accept Care Credit to cover Functional Medicine Programs but not DPC. You can set up your account here: Although we do not provide billing services, the patient is welcomed to submit any portions of their program that may be covered to their insurance company as consideration for reimbursement. You will be provided a spreadsheet breaking down the components of your program at the time of purchase. We are also happy to provide you with an encounter note for any face-to-face visit included in your package.
  • Can I use my HSA or FSA card to purchase these services?
    Certain services may be covered by these spending accounts. However, we encourage you to inquire with your organization for direct answers of coverage before using your card. You may also want to visit to obtain publications online regarding medical and dental expenses
  • Does my Medical Cost Share cover these services?
    Certain service may be covered but certainly at the discretion of your cost sharing group. Again, we encourage you to inquire with your cost sharing group on the possibility of coverage.

What Our Patients Say

" I would like to compliment Lisa Kamont and the Benton Integrative Medicine team for the privilege of participating in their Nutrition for Athletes program. I am a 70 year-old male with an athletic background and history (former professional snow skier), coupled with a present recognition that the athletic memories of my mind don’t match up with the present capabilities of my 70 year old body! My reason to enter the program was based on my desire to learn how to optimize my body (and mind) in order to return to a level of overall fitness that allows me to re-engage with the sport of my passion (as well as live a more robust and vibrant life in my “golden years!”) Lisa and the program were a perfect catalyst to get me headed in the right direction. The multiple lab testing that was recommended became the baseline for analysis of Lisa’s recommendations. Lisa was my guide to interpret the lab results (which were like reading hieroglyphics to me!) And, based on those results, along with my goals and current habits that Lisa recorded as a preface to our work together, Lisa guided me with recommendations on nutrition, supplements, mindset and discipline in a way that was most gentle but firm. I must say that 70 years has allowed me to experience many interactions with a variety of professionals in many fields, but I have never had a more professional, productive and enjoyable experience than with Lisa Kamont and the Benton Integrative Medicine team. The process is a journey for sure, but the journey is much more enjoyable with a competent, motivational leader and team! Kudos to Lisa and Dr. Benton for their valuable contribution to my life. I feel pretty darn good!"

With much appreciation

- R.Banks

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