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Business Spotlight

Benton Integrative Medicine is excited to support our awesome BIM community and would like to promote local businesses owned and run by our patients. You can learn more about these businesses below.

If you are a patient of BIM and have your own business and would like to be highlighted, please email your name, name of your business, and contact information to  We will select a business each month to interview and promote your business on our social media and our mailer.


We are so thankful for all of you and we want to give back! God Bless!


Fisher Electric LKN

Owner: Ildiko & Gabor Halasz

Phone: (704)-740-9225


Social Media: @fisherelectriclkn

Communication, tech industries and their captured regulatory agencies significantly downplay the harmful effect of EMF. Even though, extensive independent scientific research consistently confirms that Dirty Electricity and EMF are extremely harmful to human cells.


We, at Fisher Electric LKN are very passionate about helping people significantly lower these invisible harmful radiations (EMF and Dirty Electricity) in their homes and offices. We test the living/working space for EMF and Dirty Electricity then design custom solutions to lower radiations. We educate and teach new habits to customers so that they can use their electronics in a mindful and healthy way. We design and wire computer networks so that the home and office can operate without WIFI and Bluetooth. We install whole house and plug in dirty electricity filters to mitigate the on-going dirty electricity exposure.


Autograph Kitchens

Owner: Scott & Chelsea Holcombe

Phone: 704-880-9494


18605 Starcreek Dr., Suite 106, Cornelius, NC 28031

My name is Chelsea, and my husband (Scott) and I own Autograph Kitchens, a local kitchen and bath design and cabinetry center. Every one of our projects starts with you. Each year, for every kitchen we sell, we donate a cabinet toward a kitchen for a family less fortunate. We are all about designing kitchens around health and wellness! We collaborate with you to learn your goals and ideal vision for this room while knowing what we can do for you within your budget.


TorchBearer Tachyon Chamber

Owner: Adrienne Craighead

Phone: 980-689-1803

20200 Zion Ave, Suite 11
Cornelius, NC 28031

Adrienne Craighead is a seeker, a mom, a sister and a friend. She’s the Starseed daughter of a Marine Corps helicopter pilot who enjoyed being part of a military family because she loved meeting new people, seeing new places and trying new things - even as a child!


After she finished her undergraduate degree at the Honors College at the University of South Carolina, she took off for Auckland New Zealand as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar in 1995. Her overseas experiences reinforced her passion for travel and adventure as well as teaching and public speaking (as her commitment to Rotary included giving speeches all across NZ about life in the USA - and similarly to Carolinas based Rotary chapters about her time living as a Kiwi Down Under.)


Adrienne spends her days as the Director of Financial Development for a nonprofit called Apparo (which is Latin for “to assist, to prepare, to make ready.” The mission for Apparo is to help other nonprofits operate more efficiently and effectively by leveling up their business processes using technology. Founded over 20 years ago, Apparo has served over 750 nonprofits to date, from as many mission areas as you can name including hunger and homelessness, animals and the arts, cancer and Alzheimer’s, and the list goes on. As the agency’s leading fundraiser, she oversees a team that generates an annual operating budget of almost a quarter of a million dollars via individual donations, grants and corporate donations and sponsorships.


Adrienne's passion project is being the owner and founder of TorchBearer Tachyon in Charlotte, NC. She first learned about the healing properties of tachyons on a weekend visit to Waynesboro Virginia in the spring of 2021. Her serendipitous meeting of Dr. Joe McNamara introduced her to the science behind these subatomic particles, but it was her actual EXPERIENCE within his tachyon chamber that convinced her of the merits of them.


She opened TorchBearer Tachyon in the fall of 2022 to bring the experience to friends and neighbors in the Lake Norman area of Charlotte (and the reviews that they’ve received from early adopters are incredibly encouraging!)

Check them out yourself and book your own experience on their website.

Use promo code BIM30 to save 30% off your first experience.


Abode Wellness Lounge

Owner: Christian Hunsbedt

Phone: 704-401-7428

610 Jetton Street, Suite 210
Davidson NC 28036

Founded February 2020 by Christian Hunsbedt, Abode quickly became a safe space for Charlotte locals. Hunsbedt, a wife and mom to seven, originally designed Abode to house her fertility work and a place for Lifestyle Wellness: however Abode is now a growing community garden of family - focused Wellness Providers, lifestyle couches and clean living enthusiasts.


From the moment you step in Abode, the collaborative environment welcomes you warmly. From the plant wall, a Scandinavian interior beautiful Salt Lounge with Halo Therapy, and an Infrared Sauna, Abode is the ideal space to “be well”.


Abode is open to Holistic Practitioners or Wellness providers who want to add a location around the Lake Norman area.

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