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Hormone Health & Functional Medicine

Sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Hormones have things all out of whack?
Been told nothing is wrong or your labs are normal?

You've come to the right place. Our hormone health and functional medicine offerings help you identify the answers you have been looking for and put YOU back in the driver's seat. 

Looking at root cause and going deeper we don't just simply prescribe a band aid or a pill. With better more specific testing to help you identify what YOUR body needs and a true PARTNERSHIP, we want to help you to begin to thrive again. 

Hormone Health

If you are experiencing an imbalance throughout the body such as fatigue, joint pain, low sex drive, weight gain, hot flashes and anxiety it could be your hormones.


At Benton Integrative, we personalize our hormone therapies for men and women. We offer numerous alternatives and a deeper dive via functional medicine testing than you would find in your traditional healthcare practice. Finding out hormone balance can help unwell patients feel better along with optimizing wellbeing of the patients who are already healthy. Contact us to set up a consultation to determine if you have an imbalance and how we can help.

Our hormone treatments use natural solutions and Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) to bring you balance.

Initial 60 minute consultation $360

Get Your Hormone Questions Answered with Catie Westra

Functional Medicine / Functional Health

The Functional Health Program is our most extensive program allowing you to explore and deeply understand your unique health needs. No two people are alike and the knowledge you gain about your unique body will empower you to put in place changes leading to more optimal health. By looking at your health history, biochemistry and current diet, lifestyle and environment we will guide you in defining how your body is functioning, what you may need for greater balance, and what your optimal healing environment includes. Because we all have had different life experiences, we all need unique steps to overcome chronic health issues. While some steps are consistent for all members of the program, there is a great deal of individualized support based on what YOU and your body require.


Each session includes education and collaboration so that you remain in the drivers seat when making decisions about your health.  Rather than a model of being prescribed a fix, this program takes a deeper dive and teaches you to understand why symptoms may be present in the first place and how to overcome them in line with the natural functioning of the body as a whole.


Think of it as an investment in your health for the long run that will leave you feeling much better and saving money over years in health care costs.


Our programs are based on establishing a strong foundation of health to build upon. This foundation includes having the following pieces in place for optimal health:

  • Hydration

  • Breathing

  • Nutrition

  • Digestion

  • Elimination

  • Nervous System Support

  • Movement

Initial 90 minute consultation $450

Ready To Get Started?

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*Note: Direct Primary Care is an available option to add on to the Functional Health Program. This decision will be made jointly by BIM and the participant depending on your unique healthcare needs.

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