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Meet Cammy Benton, MD, ABIHM, IFMCP

I graduated from Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina in Greenville, NC in 2000.  With plans to do Family Medicine, I opted to do an additional Transitional Year in Baltimore due to personal beliefs that it should be a four year residency.  I completed the three years of Family Medicine residency at UNC Chapel Hill in 2004.


Once working in a group practice, I realized there must be more to medicine as I felt I was doling out pills just for an ill. The list of pills were growing to cover up side effects of other pills.  After my first conference for the American Board of Holistic and Integrative Medicine, I decided to go for board certification which I did successfully in 2013. For my specialty under the holistic umbrella, I completed my functional medicine certification with the Institute of Functional Medicine in 2016.  Functional medicine searches for the root cause of disease and determines a solution by looking at all the systems in a person using the latest in science.


I also have some training in Ayurveda. This practice from India is four thousand years old and is similar to the eastern version of functional medicine.

State Licenses

North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, California, New Mexico

What Our Patients Say

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