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Doreen McCormick

Doreen McCormick, MSPT, INHC

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Doreen is a holistic physical therapist and integrative health coach and has a passion for helping others think, feel and perform at their best.


As an IronMan athlete she knows the importance of taking care of yourself, the interconnectedness of body and mind, and believes that our bodies are incredible machines and an amazing gift from God. She works to guide, counsel, and come alongside others, providing tools and encouragement to finally break free of the roadblocks holding you back. Areas Doreen is particularly passionate about include managing stress and mindfulness, movement, quick and easy food options for busy families, healthy habit formation and helping to uncover the why and remove the roadblocks holding you back so that you may live your best life.


When she is not out trying to change the world, Doreen enjoys spending time in nature, exercising with her friends, and spending quality time with her husband and four kids.

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