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Weight Management
Revive & Release Metabolic Reset

Looking to lose weight and get a fresh start?

Our Revive & Release Metabolic Reset program builds on principals of clean eating and intermittent fasting while bringing in mindset, stress reduction and habit change through a 3 phase process. This is NOT a ”diet”. This is a lifestyle program aimed at kickstarting change and then teaching you sustainable ways to have the life you have dreamed of having. Are you eating healthy, exercising but still not losing weight? This weight loss/metabolic reset program is for you!


Program Includes:

  • 8 Weeks of Bi-Monthly Lifestyle Coaching Sessions (4 sessions)

  • Program Supplements

  • Guided Lifestyle Journal

  • Recipe Ideas

  • Food Scale and Body Tape

  • Unlimited access through the patient portal for added questions/answers, encouragement, resources and support.


Program Cost:


Call 704-775-6029 to Get Started

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