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Healthy Lady - Benton Integrative Medicine Concierge Medical Practice - Huntersville Denver NC

Nutrition Reboot

Do you feel good about the path your health is on but would like a reboot for your nutrition? 

This program utilizes individualized testing and functional health consulting support to explore your unique physiology and how you can benefit from greater nutrition. Take advantage of this opportunity to dive into the details of your nutrition at a biochemical level to identify how your dietary choices can set you up for success with your health goals.  This program is great for those wanting to enhance nutrition, improve immunity, gain mental focus, elevate preconception health, improve athletic performance, as well as minimize oxidative stress and inflammation. This exploration is sure to provide you with data unique to you in order to take your nutrition and health to the next level. 


Program Includes:

  • Functional nutrition lab assessment including more than 50 lab markers  

  • 3 virtual  30-45 min health consulting sessions over 6 weeks  

  • Access to our secure patient portal for critical questions/answers, encouragement, resources and support  

  • Relevant handouts and educational materials  

  • Spans 6-8 weeks overall and labs are performed before first coaching session to optimize time and results 

Program Cost:

$595 (plus cost of labs)

What Our Patients Say

I found this program to be immensely helpful…not only did I gain valuable insight

into how to interpret my bloodwork results, I also got an actionable plan in place

to meet my nutrition goals. Lisa was extremely helpful and is obviously very knowledgeable. She answered all my questions thoroughly and completely. I especially appreciate her approach and philosophy of going to the root cause and addressing that instead of just throwing a bunch of supplements/drugs at a problem. Overall, I think this is a solid program. My results regarding maintaining/adding lean body mass during periods of higher level training speak for themselves. Thanks again Lisa, this was a worthwhile investment, and I may even consider doing a second program in the future.

- Matt M.

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