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We have several treatments specific to a man's body at BIM.


Our men's health treatments are:


P-Shot Platelet Rich Plasma Injection

P-Shot Injection is for erectile dsyfunction. The benefits of P-Shot include:


  • Increases blood flow to the area making getting an keeping an erection easier

  • Increased nerve sensation making the penis more sensitive 

  • Heightened orgasms

  • Stronger, harder erections

  • Helps with sexual function after prostate surgery

  • Some men document increased girth and length 

Add on Amniotic Fluid Cryotext 1 ml injection to add to PRP for more regenerative options for men with multiple health issues or more severe Erectile dysfunction. Amniotic fluid Cryotext Only 2 ml

Loving Couple

Magnum Shot

Magnum Shot combines the amazing benefits of the P-shot  with the powerful neurotoxin, Dysport. Adding these two together enhances the relaxation of blood vessels allowing them to dilate fully, increasing blood flow in the flaccid state.

Benefits include:

  • Increased firmnesss

  • Increase in stretched length

  • Decrease in retraction giving the effect of being a "shower not a grower"

  • Can last up to 6 months 

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