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Weight Management
Revive & Release Metabolic Reset

Looking to achieve a healthy weight with a fresh start?

Our Revive & Release Metabolic Reset program builds on principals of clean eating and intermittent fasting while bringing in mindset, stress reduction and habit change through a 3 phase process. This is NOT a ”diet”. This is a lifestyle program aimed at kickstarting change and then teaching you sustainable ways to have the life you have dreamed of having.


Program Includes:

  • 8 Weeks of Bi-Monthly Lifestyle Coaching Sessions (4 sessions)

  • Program Supplements (These are not weight loss supplements)

  • Guided Lifestyle Journal

  • Recipe Ideas

  • Food Scale and Body Tape

  • Unlimited access through the patient portal for added questions/answers, encouragement, resources and support.


Program Cost:


Call 704-775-6029 to Get Started

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