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If you are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or Peyronie's disease Benton Integrative can help!

All men eventually experience some dissatisfaction with their bedroom performance. In fact 52% of men experience some form of ED. Not only age but stress, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and the aging process may contribute to that performance and cause ED. Benton Integrative will get to the root cause of the problem so we can provide you with the best treatment.

Regain your confidence and vitality like never before!

What is GAINSWave®?

GAINSWave® is a drug & surgery free, non-invasive technique that uses pulse waves to improve sexual performance. It is a simple in-office procedure with long-lasting results. GAINSWave® therapy is the only protocol that addresses the root cause of ED, which is poor blood flow.​

The Many Benefits of GAINSWave

No drugs or surgery

Long lasting results

No down time or side effects

Backed by clinical research

Non-invasive, In-office procedure

Easy and comfortable


Dr. Benton is a modern version of the old-fashioned doctors of my youth who made house calls and were as concerned for their patients as for their own families. She is smart, personable, and extremely knowledgeable. Her staff and associates are an outstanding group, and fun to be around, and treat everyone as if they are the only patient they have. I ran into Dr. Benton quite by chance, and it was one of the luckiest random meetings of my life. I had been wrestling with an increasing number of Aging Man problems (I am 75) that despite treatment were getting worse over time. These included ED, prostate issues, and urinary problems that were worrisome and debilitating. Dr. Benton took quite a bit of time out of her day going over various treatments available for each problem. Given that I was not her patient and lived hundreds of miles away in Florida, she was extraordinarily generous to have done this. I looked into what I learned from her, and within a few days decided to travel to her clinic in North Carolina - a decision which has been life changing. After only four treatments (out of a scheduled 12) I have experienced major improvements in all of my problem areas. Its almost like waking up to find you are 20 years younger. Everything she suggested in our initial accidental meeting has improved my life and well-being. I can't recommend her and her associates highly enough.

- David S.


GAINSWave® has a 75% success rate and NO PILLS Necessary!

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