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A holistic approach to health care

What We Do

At Benton Integrative Medicine, we go BEYOND traditional health care. From our concierge patient experience, to our holistic and integrative approach we offer a multitude of services to optimize one’s total health and wellbeing.

Direct Primary Care

With our direct primary care memberships, you can expect greater options, better health results, and a provider who really listens. Prioritizing medical choice and freedom while delivering a true concierge patient experience and an integrative approach is what we are all about.

family in wheel barrell - Direct Primary Care DPC Benton Integrative Medicine - Huntersville

Joint & Regenerative Health

Leveraging your body’s own ability to heal and rejuvinate! We offer non-surgical and non-invasive treatment options for joint pain and more.

Joint Regenerative Health - Direct Primary Care DPC Benton Integrative Medicine - Huntersville

Wellness & Healing 

Enhance your wellness with our specially designed programs and services. From sauna to weight loss to optimizing nutrition, we have a multitude of options to complement your wellness journey. 

Wellness & Healing - Direct Primary Care DPC Benton Integrative Medicine - Huntersville

Hormone Health & Functional Medicine

OPTIMIZING wellbeing so that you can thrive! Using a Functional Medicine approach, we offer natural and personalized hormone treatments for both men and women including BHRT, Functional Medicine testing, Functional Medicine programming and more.

Enjoying Nature - Functional Medicine - Direct Primary Care DPC Benton Integrative Medicine - Huntersville

Sexual Health

Safe, effective and natural ways to enhance sexual wellbeing.  From urinary incontinence to sexual dysfunction, we offer Femiwave/Gainswave, along with specialized injections to increase sensation, function and more.

Sexual Health - Direct Primary Care DPC Benton Integrative Medicine - Huntersville

Infrared Sauna

Enhance your wellness with natural infrared sauna sessions. Sauna can help with weight loss, anti-aging, detoxification and more.

Infrared Sauna - Direct Primary Care DPC Benton Integrative Medicine - Huntersville

Who We Are

At Benton Integrative Medicine we value the best of medical care AND medical freedom. We have built our practice on this foundation, merging the best in modern medicine with integrative and holistic options and CHOICE.  Our goal is to empower you to be in the driver's seat, to make the choices that resonate with your values, and to keep you and your family well.  From our Direct Primary Care memberships to our wellness and healing programs and beyond, we want to be your first choice for greater health!

Why Choose Us

Directly access YOUR provider 
Vaccine choice 
We value your time. You won’t be sitting waiting on appts 
We limit our membership numbers so that you can get an appointment when you need it!  
Have a concern? Same and next day appts available and portal access allows direct access to your provider at any time. 
Integrative and holistic options that go BEYOND traditional health care. 


Community Gathering

April 21st from 1pm-4pm

Join us at Latta Nature Preserve for us to come together, connect, and enjoy fellowship with other like-minded people and businesses.

What Our Patients Say

"Dr. Benton is a true doctor who treats the whole person and is compassionate, understanding, and actually listens to your needs and responds accordingly.  She also is truly integrative in her approach.  Thank you Dr. Benton for being true to your chosen profession."

- Bill C.

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