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Our Philosophy

Our goal is to offer affordable Direct Primary Care from a holistic perspective which I hope to be the standard in years to come.  By recognizing early signs of disease and addressing the causes rather than just treating the symptoms with medicines, we hope to prevent serious health problems in the future. Nutrition is the foundation of good health so that will also be the foundation of this practice - to find the best choices for each person.  For those needing more than basic primary care, we offer 6-12 month Wellness Programs first, that get you back to your healthier state so you will just need more basic primary care again. 


Direct Primary Care is an innovative and growing movement supported by the American Academy of Family Medicine. Under this model, we do not bill your insurance, which means we can work directly for you, not the insurance company or corporations. That means there is no need for co-pays or deductibles for your primary care and you won't get any surprise bills from our office. You pay, instead, an affordable, flat monthly fee directly to us for the care and services provided, even if you have multiple medical issues. For those with no insurance or high deductible health plans, you may even save money! With ongoing training in Functional Medicine and nutrition, we will be able to incorporate this approach with the best of traditional medicine. 

There are many benefits to the DPC model of care. You can communicate quickly and directly with us. You will have convenient same-day or next-day appointments. There will be no need to change primary care physicians each time your employer changes health plans. Studies show this model results in fewer ER and hospital visits. You will be able to spend quality time with us to address multiple concerns and not feel like you are on an assembly line. No more fifteen minute visits if you need more time! When possible we will offer home visits when necessary and will also offer services to those that are homebound. 

Our goal is to provide thorough care for our patients in an efficient way but with a holistic approach. With a personalized, holistic approach, you will need to see us less often because you will find wellness! If you have a chronic illness one of our Wellness Packages would be a better fit. Give us a call for a basic consultation to determine which path is best for you.

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