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BRIOTECH Topical Skin Spray

Briotech topical skin spray is an all natural pure product with key ingredient Hypochlorous Solution (HOCL).


It can be a wonderful addition to your daily skin care regimen. With briotech use, customers have reported excellent cosmetic results from improving skin imperfections and irritations, as a gentle exfoliant, to help with skin sensitivities to post procedures, and even as a fine line wrinkle reducer. It can also be used for scar reduction, and as a refreshing, hydrating mist. It is safe to use repeatedly throughout the day for all your topical applications.

  • Free of alcohol, oil, fragrance, parabens, sulfates and other preservatives

  • Hypoallergenic, non-irritating, does not block pores

  • May be used with your daily skin care routine (apply first)

  • Frequent applications throughout the day offers better results

  • Children and animal friendly

What is HOCL?

HOCL (Hypochlorous Acid) is made naturally in white blood cells as a key component of the internal defense system, working to fight against infection, reduce inflammation, control reponses to injury, and enhance the healing process. 

Available at the Huntersville office for $10.99/4oz bottle
Person holding Brio-Tech Hydration Spray
Brio-Tech Hydration Spray Benefits
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