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Functional Medicine - Wellness Programs

Functional Medicine is a form of root cause medicine that requires investigative work. No two people are alike and this knowledge is at the heart of our Wellness program. Therefore, in designing our Wellness program, we strive to provide wellness programs that can be individualized to address the needs of our patients. 

As you may already know, this is not a service you can typically find in the insurance-based system. In fact, we are all becoming more and more aware that the current medical and insurance system is not a successful model. Statistics show that we as a country and our current healthcare system does acute care and emergency care well but when it comes to managing chronic disease states, we do poorly. Insurance requires that physicians and healthcare facilities focus on “Quality of Care Metrics” which seem great in title but these measures do not truly address the needs of the patients as they do the needs of the industry.


The current health care system is also based on your organ systems rather than your whole body. You, my friend, are not just a kidney or a heart but you are a whole body that is interconnected.  Consider the workings of a puzzle. One missing piece and the puzzle is not complete. Functional Medicine is an approach that allows us to address as many pieces of the puzzle to get you better.  Think of it as an investment for your health for the long run that will leave you feeling much better and saving money over years in health care costs. Our goal is to get you to your optimal health.  We hope to have the opportunity to be a part of your team for health care recovery or optimization. 

Our packages are nutrition based on the 6 Pillars of Health:

  • Gastrointestinal/Immune

  • Hormones (Thyroid & Sex)

  • Stress/Mental/Emotional

  • Detoxification

  • Nervous System

  • Motion/Exercise

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How To Get Started

GET an Assessment

Wellness Program (Functional Medicine) Foundational Assessment

This is a one time visit up to 90 minutes. We will review your full history to determine a general recommendation and determine the wellness program that will best suit your needs. Call us 704-775-6029 to get pricing and set up your assessment appointment.

You can also attend a Wellness Information Session for free to learn more about our programs!

BEGIN your Wellness Program

Our wellness programs are an in depth dive into your health and involves a full functional medicine approach. From detox to food elimination and so much more to get you in your best health. 

If you are interested in Weight Loss or Healthy Whole Lifestyle, please see our Lifestyle Programs.

We can help you optimize yourself and achieve vitality! 

Please give us a call (704-775-6029) to book your one time visit.

Insurance Questions

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