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Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

For arthritis, tendon issues, hair restoration and sexual dysfunction.

We do all kinds of injections at Benton Integrative Medicine. We can do steroid injections for joints and tendons but there is concern that it accelerates needs for joint replacement if given too many times in the joints or tendon rupture for the tendons. The short term relief is awesome but ideally we don’t do things that worsen conditions. So we have a few other options to let you know about at BIM.

One kind of injection is PRP- Platelet rich Plasma injections. The cool thing about this is that it uses your own blood which is really so safe but include mostly risks related to infection as with anything that we do when giving injections and local pain. PRP contains growth factors and have been used for quite a while for arthritis, tendon issues, and hair restoration. Our med spa, The Skin Center, offers the hair restoration with PRP with awesome success! For the joints and tendons, it is as easy as a blood draw and we inject that plasma where you need it. Low pain, low risk. We do P shots (for men) and O shots (for women) for sexual dysfunction as well. Don’t worry, we can do numbing cream. The O shots can help with urinary incontinence and orgasm. PRP can also help with conditions like lichen sclerosis.

PRP though is only as good as the health of the person giving the blood. So those with more poor health or advanced age opt for cord blood or wharton’s jelly that has exosomes from a new born baby (not aborted products of course) that is voluntarily given and tested for safety. It is more expensive naturally but has been shown to be safe. Since it is a foreign product, that carries more risk of allergic reaction which is rare still. We can use those products for joints, tendons, skin, for hair loss, and some use it for “wellness” although studies for that are still being done. We can also use this in place of PRP for P shots and O shots.

Now that we are living longer, we have these tools to help with regeneration of damaged tissue. What a luxury really but all this should be in conjunction with a low sugar and low processed food diet since those are destructive to our body. Isn’t it amazing to have such regenerative sources from our divinely created bodies!! Just give us a call in BIM to see if PRP or exosome injection may help you.


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