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Any blog on migraines could be a mile long but we are going to focus on some easy tips for your common migraine.  This does NOT apply to the worst headache of your life (go to the ER) unless it is established as your normal migraine.  Also if you have worsening headaches, you need to see your doctor.

For your occasional, standard migraine -light sensitivity, nausea, one sided or all over headache, here are some easy things to do.  First, you must treat any migraine ASAP!  Try peppermint oil to the temples (avoid the eyes completely) and back of the neck and just a dab under your nose.  Do the bicycle exercise where you lay on your back and put your feet in the air but try to touch the floor.  That stretches your whole spine.  When sitting, do good, slow head rolls.

You can try acupressure which is where you squeeze the web of your hand between your thumb and forefinger for several minutes until it resolves.  There are several more points but you can look for those online.

For any headache, a hot epsom salt bath with apple cider vinegar is awesome and get someone to rub peppermint oil to the back, neck, and temples (avoiding the eyes).

If you have to take an Excedrin migraine tablet.  I am not a fan of Tylenol but it does work.  Another option if you have to resort to over the counter medicines is take some ibuprofen with a caffeinated drink like coffee.  The two work awesome together.

If you have time, go see a chiropractor, acupuncturist,  or massage therapist.  They are helpful for acute and chronic migraines.

If you have recurrent migraines, see chiropractor, acupuncturist, or a massage therapist as already mentioned.  You can also get a cervical traction kit from the local medical supply store for under $20 however, "less is more".  You have to put water in to the bag to just feel the tiniest pull.  Too much can cause injury.  More is bad!

Keep a diary for your headache to see what could be triggering it.  Causes for migraines are many.  This may help you find one of many causes especially food related.  Common causes are MSG, gluten, preservatives,

 Computer work due to position and the light can cause headaches so work related headaches may warrant a visit with an ergonomics specialist or occupational therapist that cares for work related problems.


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