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Heal Our Souls

It is time to face our PTSD from the last two years and center ourselves again relative to our immune systems and minor illnesses. Most everyone knows someone or of someone who has died from this terrible virus or has been affected by Long Covid. Now it is time to remember that all pandemics come to an end regardless of vaccine status within 1-3 years and we have already seen the virus get less dangerous. This is wonderful news for all of us. We also know that we can support the immune system and use a multi drug combo to support people when sick so this is not hopeless.

We especially need to help children overcome this time as many children are fearful when anyone gets sick. If they get sick, we need to love on them and cuddle with them because they need it for their little souls. Stress and fear make illness worse so let’s start back to basics of love, cuddles, chicken soup, warm baths, humidifiers, vitamin C/elderberry. Check out my first aid kit.

Think back to your own childhood memories of the cuddles, chicken soup, and popsicles when you were sick. These were usually good memories that we need to remember in dealing with illness post covid. If you were treated badly or ignored when you were sick, then let’s try to reframe that to help create safe and sweet memories for our children. We can do this by creating rituals related to healing like warm baths, lotion massages, chicken soup while watching cartoons and cuddling in bed at night. I always remember getting to eat Campbell’s Chicken Soup and drinking Coca cola and thinking it was such a treat even if we may choose healthier options these days.

Healing happens when we are optimistic but has the opposite effect if we are living in fear or having a lot of stress. Those are the placebo and the nocebo effects. Placebo works up to 40% of the time in studies and that is dismissed by current medical dogma, but I see that as Divine Design that Uncle Joe and Aunt Betty can heal just because they believe they will be healed by that pill. Imagine if they can do that without training or intention, imagine what we can do with intention of healing. The nocebo effect is when you think you will have a bad outcome, you probably will. Let’s honor that placebo effect and move forward with optimism.

Children get sick and that is a normal and important part of childhood as it is an exercise for the immune system. Let’s be proactive in creating safe memories for them and support them through these common childhood situations. We know as parents that we have to make some sacrifices of comfort but we too can frame this as an opportunity to create those sweet memories when our children grow up. Time to heal our souls!


Dr. Benton


Huntersville, Denver and Charlotte locations


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